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  • larry higo posted 2009 days ago

    larry higo

    Hey, given how fanatical a fan you are about Penn State football, here is a site you'll love. You just have to hit the beginning of Penn State Football forums because this one takes you into the middle of a discussion.

    what's your sense as to what is going to happen with the sanctions as most likely some will be coming (not what you want, what will occur)

  • larry higo posted 2015 days ago

    larry higo

    Hey Buddy, it turns out your hero did in fact know that Sandusky was molesting little boys back in 1998 (despite the fact, how did you put it, you had done the definitive research into it. As you may or may not recall I said to you that it absolutely defied imagination that given the chain of events in 1998 and 1999 that Paterno wouldn't have known about it. What bothers me the most is Paterno didn't even have the common decency to walk across the room and take the little boys away from the monster when he saw them with Sandusky.

    You should always remember to try to look at things objectively in the future as your faithfullness to the team blinded you totally to Paterno's faults especially someone who's obviously a smart enough guy to make a better decision unlike the guy who kept telling anyone who wasn't true to Paterno to "know the rule and shut up" whatever that means.