Robert O'Leary

Robert O'Leary


Hello, I'm Robert Thomas Denis O'Leary, although Rob (or any other name of your choosing from the long list of derivatives of my name) is perfectly sufficient. I'm was born and raised in Cork, Ireland, and I still live there today. I am studying Civil Engineering in University College Cork, with the ultimate aim of becoming an airline pilot. Obviously I can't make up my mind as to how I want to be able to earn money, so I may as well give sports journalism a go. And by journalism, I mean expressing opinions and reporting on events that occurred, not claiming on Twitter that "Lionel Messi is close to signing for Leyton Orient on a four-year contract worth £500 per week #ITK".

I've had a fascination with sport ever since I was forced by my younger brother (I was weak, okay?) to play goalkeeper while he took shots in our garden. One broken arm, and one goal-saving (and almost leg-breaking) tackle on my coach's son, and I was destined for the stardom of the centre-back position. Now in retirement after eight years that included an infinite number of blisters and a couple of wins (maybe a 0.2 record in baseball lingo), university (and the stereotypical laziness that every good engineer should have) has gifted me with a lot of free time. This has afforded me the luxury of trying new things. I can count playing squash, failing exams and sitting in the gym's café among my new-found past-times. Another is my newly-inflated appreciation for the beautiful game, mainly thanks to Twitter and the countless Arsenal, and football in general, blogs that inhabit the internet.

Anyway, I'll just say a few more things about me! I'm a Sagitarious, a procrastinator, a food-lover and I have Astigmatism (Google it - it can be the thing that you learn today!).

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