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  • kyle el fuegos posted 737 days ago

    kyle el fuegos

    Your Terrelle Pryor article is a joke! You wrote about a rookie calling for his resignation as a QB who played a quarter of a preseason game. Seriously man? Terrible writing.

  • Merle Dixon posted 754 days ago

    Merle Dixon

    Did anyone tell you, you bear a slight resemblance to Tim Tebow?

  • Tom Edrington posted 778 days ago

    Tom Edrington

    Say Ryan, since you wrote that article about Eric Wright in a total rush to judgement, shouldn't you write another article about presuming guilt before innocence??

  • kenny george posted 811 days ago

    kenny george

    Still trolling the Bears I see.

  • Stephen Fenech posted 850 days ago

    Stephen  Fenech

    Tremendous piece on Junior, thanks for writing it.

  • Suzette Lampard Brantley posted 961 days ago

    Suzette Lampard Brantley


    when you have a chance...thanks in advance.

  • Amber Lee posted 1040 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey new fan! Thanks for being my fan on here ;)


  • Jessica E posted 1096 days ago

    Jessica E

    For you to attack East Carolina University because of the way one former football player speaks is ignorant. You're a terrible journalist.

  • Ronnie U. posted 1450 days ago

    Ronnie U.

    Just thought I'd drop by and say thanks for the edits!

  • Cale Loney posted 1452 days ago

    Cale Loney

    thanks for the edits Ryan!!!

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