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  • steven weston posted 1475 days ago

    steven weston


  • sf 49 posted 3092 days ago

    sf 49

    yea i read these columns long time ago. the only 2 good assets i see dhb got is speed and character, other than that hes a reach. i wish him all the best, as to your team

  • jeremy baril posted 3092 days ago

    jeremy baril

    You need to check out some of the comments Al Davis said to DHB and other things about DHB in this recent article about him:


  • Steven Resnick posted 3104 days ago

    Steven Resnick

    Mike Singletary best coach the 49ers have had in a while http://bleacherreport.com/articles/222574-mike-singletary-is-the-best-coach-the-49ers-have-had-since-bill-walsh

  • Martin Long posted 3106 days ago

    Martin Long

    hahaah yeah well we will see won't we I'll remember to check back in with you at the end of next season. 49ers aren't going to go better than Dallas and I don't know what your smoking if you think they will anytime soon.

  • Martin Long posted 3106 days ago

    Martin Long

    Crappy team? Last time I checked Dallas had a better record the Frisco. Secondly I can write an article about whatever I please. Don't be so angry just cause your teams in for a long losing season.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons posted 3113 days ago

    Glenn Franco Simmons

    Sf 49, thanks for all of your comments. I really appreciate them and I look forward to reading your stuff. You seem to be really knowledgeable about college athletes in terms of the future NFL draft, so I am interested to see if you write anything on that. You have a solid grasp that I don't have on college athletes. That's why Bleacher Report is so great, because it allows a range of fans, some of whom have real expertise, to opine. It enables the rest of us to learn.