Sean Morris

Sean Morris


If I had to pick one sports player to exemplify my personalty it would be journeyman basketball player Elliot Perry. My favorite commentator of all time, Al McCoy for the Phoenix Suns, affectionately referred to Perry as "socks" because he wore them up to his knees. During his two year stint with the Suns Perry backed up Kevin Johnson, who is now the current mayor of Sacramento. It's also worth mentioning that rookie Steve Nash was the third point guard at the time.
Anyway, I'm getting off topic. Perry's game is like mine because he's instant energy off the bench. Even though he didn't always make the right play, Perry was a fan favorite because he always gave 100 percent. That's me. The way I'm successful is through energy and inspiration. A good cup of black coffee doesn't hurt my cause either.
If my bio sounds irreverent to you it's because it is. I'm obviously a sports fan. Ya, I have a life, but that shouldn't interest you all that much. I'm an enigma, so if you tried you wouldn't get that far in understanding me anyway. That being said, I think sports fans all over the world have something in common, even if we despise each other and wish injury to our rival teams.

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  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2705 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    New one. Had to write one about Dan!

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2710 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Happy Holidays! Wrote one today. Can you find the typo?

  • Bob Cunningham posted 2712 days ago

    Bob Cunningham

    Mike Vick isn't as radioactive as everyone thinks. Here's my take:

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2712 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    One for tomorrow morning!

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2713 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Thanks for "fanning" the flame of fame for me! I appreciate it.

    "Truly, you have a dizzying intellect." :-)