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  • The Durantula posted 20 days ago

    The Durantula

    Who's ur favorite character? Mine has to be Jesse, knew Walt was gonna die at the end, but it was still crushing.

  • The Durantula posted 20 days ago

    The Durantula

    SAY MY NAME!!!!!!!!

  • MAGIC posted 31 days ago


    Gracias amigo (this is Samir.) Btw, I use another account now that I comment with from time to time. I just fanned you on that accoutn in case you were wondering. Don't let anyone know though, tryna' stay lowkey

  • Mark Jimenez posted 38 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    Are you that guy on the NBA channel on Youtube? There's a guy named Heisenberg and he comments on the NBA videos on Y/T. Anyways fanned you. I love BB,and I've seen you around since like the days of Syed and thought you were a respectful dude.

  • Indians Fan posted 90 days ago

    Indians Fan

    whos your favorite NBA team lol

  • Alex F. posted 106 days ago

    Alex F.

    Hey would you be interested in joining a B/R World Cup bracket challenge league I'm thinking of making?

  • Alex F. posted 116 days ago

    Alex F.

    What now?

  • IT'S YO BOI DIPSY posted 138 days ago


    *TO EVERYONE WHO THINK'S I'VE RETURNED'. I haven't. I just checked my email right now, which is linked to my original email account by the way (IT'S YO BOY TINKY WINKY) and it showed that I have a fan called Syed,who seems to be impersonating me.

    If you guys don't believe me, look at the changes I made on my biography for (ITS YO BOY TINKY WINKY).

    All tellytubby accounts are owned by me, so this is an authentic post.

  • Alex F. posted 139 days ago

    Alex F.

    That's how I'm feeling now too! It's sad though because I bet if you polled the entire city I bet something like 75% would go to the Leafs final game in Ottawa rather than a Raptors playoff game.

  • Syed posted 139 days ago


    I am back. Spread the word.