I've worked in college athletics for 10 years. I grew up watching every Cowboys game I could but as time went by I've appreciated more sports and tried to take a Macro view of the world of sports. It is more important to me how to construct a championship team than how the athletes are individually.

When given the time I love to golf and would do it every day. I watch every round of every major and enjoy analyzing the game from a greater view.

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  • Will Leivenberg posted 2010 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Hey Rob, thanks for becoming a fan! The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to write consistently, which will give you a sense of how your work resonates with the B/R audience over time. Also, I think it's important to read other writers on the site, become their 'fan' and use the comment section to engage in substantive sports debate. The B/R Community is incredibly active and outgoing, so the conversations are always fun to be part of. Also, I see you are a big golf writer — that's awesome! haha I'm probably just excited about it because I am a golf nerd and golf isn't the biggest community on B/R. Great job with your '7 reasons' piece on the British Open. Amazing finish! Thanks again, Rob! Stay in touch.