Triple H'Shovel

Triple H'Shovel


I'm just a member of HHH's Burial squad AKA (WWE creative + Justice League ). Before anyone asks how i operate without HHH, I have evolved a lot since my boss started using me to do all these burials and now I'm capable of doing my boss's dirty work without any help.

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  • The Durantula posted 678 days ago

    The Durantula

    That's not Triple H's shovel, he has a golden shovel, not a normal one.

  • Hello shovel. How goes the burying?

  • Y2J is the best posted 840 days ago

    Y2J is the best

    He's also better than your boss.

  • Y2J is the best posted 853 days ago

    Y2J is the best

    My shovel > you.

  • The Viper posted 923 days ago

    The Viper


  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 925 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    Thanks a lot. I tried to be unbiased because I neither love or hate Cena, but the article seems to be doing really well and I appreciate the praise and kind words. A lot of people forget that Cena went through the process like everyone else....but he was extremely over and that's why Vince pushed him. Trust me, if it wasn't TV PG, people would still be a fan of John Cena.

  • Edge's Biggest Fan posted 944 days ago

    Edge's Biggest Fan

    You have buried so many people that i thought no one would surivive. Oh and lita was fun

  • Edge's Biggest Fan posted 945 days ago

    Edge's Biggest Fan

    Watching you ad hunter bury people was fun. Not when i was getting buried tho

  • Wrestlemaina was a great day Shovel. Mr. Laser is now back where he belongs. It shall be a glorious day when I get the Shield buried as well. I just bought more dirt for us to use while burying this H8er God as well. Fellow Burial Squad member Olli is also burying him with me. If all 3 of us bury him at once he will be lucky to ever see any type of light ever again.

  • Hello shovel. How goes the burying?