Gary Ayd

Gary Ayd

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Gary Ayd is a recent graduate of Oswego State University where he majored in broadcasting and mass communications. It has been Gary’s work outside the classroom however, that has led him to be a versatile broadcast-journalist in our ever-expanding media world. He has experience in print, television and radio whether it be hosting his own radio show or writing game and feature stories for the local newspaper. Gary has a passion for sports that anyone who has ever met him knows him for. Gary carries that passion over to his coverage of each and every contest resulting in exciting original content. His wide knowledge of several sports and work ethic and knack for learning make him a reliable source for your sports news. You can reach Gary on Facebook by simply searching his name and sending him an email, or at Outside of sports and covering them Gary enjoys playing poker, any kind of board game, web browsing and a good meal filled with all the stuff everyone tries to avoid these days like fat, sugar and cholesterol.

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