Ronnie SeCoy

Ronnie SeCoy


I met Woody in 1955 very early before a home game. My dad was at that time in charge of AWAY side seating. In my Cub Scout uniform he put me on the concrete wall at HOME 50'. It had rained & Woody came out with specialty players to test turf. He tipped his cap at me & I tipped my Scout Cap back, He shook my hand & talked to me. He asked if I wanted to play at OSU someday & lectured me on how I needed to live out my life.

5 Weeks later a 1954 Ball filled with team autographs came to my home from Woody. Our Jr High team went undefeated & Woody spoke at our dinner. Afterwards he walked right past Rex & shook my hand and talked to me about 3 minutes, then talked to Rex.

My Senior year I was Lancasters heavy weight wrestler & went both ways at tackle. Rex was a year younger. Woody came to every game & either called out to me or nodded back if I nodded at him. When I broke my knee Woody contacted Jud Wilson a famous sport surgeon to do mine. Woody came to my room as I was awakening. "I asked you long ago if you wanted to play for me someday. I just talked to your surgeon & saw your xrays. Your never going to play football again." He gave me his personal business card & told me if I ever needed advice, or a reference, or a door opened to call him.

I didnt even know that my mothers office was just 48 feet from Woody. She was in charge of "Grounds, Plants & Facilitys" which included all athletic buildings. She had lunch with Coach about 10 times a year and she said he always wanted to ask about me.

The last time we spoke he lectured me about my life. He said he was disappointed that I had never called him. That is the biggest thing in my life I regret, not realising Coach Hayes MEANT IT when he told me to call him. The last time I spoke to Woody was about 100 days before he passed while strolling across the campus on the Oval.

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