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I'm Kyle Gibbs, an 18-year-old, high school graduate of Class 2009, who is an sports fanatic. I'm getting ready to enroll into the Miami Universtiy of Ohio for a degree in Sport Studies and a minor in Journalism. I was born in Oxford, Ohio (Home the Miami Redhawks) but have lived my whole life in Eaton, Ohio. Which is about 25 miles west of Dayton and 50 miles north of Cincinnati.

Living in Ohio is where I've developed my love for sports. Having been a diehard Buckeyes fan from birth, I've fell in love with football. Ohio State is the greatest College in entrie United States, esspecially sports wise. Unless you live in Ohio and really get the feel, your proably going to argue. I've grown accustomed to College Basketball over the past few years, where I'm also a Buckeye fan.

Now on to Pro sports teams, I split the cities in half. If you live from east of Indianapolis to west of columbus and all way down to Kentucky. YOUR A REDS FAN! I love the Reds, their one of my favorite teams to root for. I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan of course, can't get better than Orange & Black.

This is where I skip home field and go to the closet citie other than cheering for the Columbus Blue Jackets & the Cleveland Cavilers. I go a little north and root for the Detroit Red Wings & Pistons.

I spend all my time studing, watching, playing, or listening to sports. It's pretty much my life! And I know it's what I really want to do for the rest of my life.

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