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None of my pro sports teams (Bills, Sabres, Indians, Jazz) have ever won a world championship. You could say that I like to suffer. Or perhaps you can say I like to cheat ... I am a true blue Florida Gators fan .. keeps me sane.
Then again, the alternating years of losing, missteps by management or the oh-so-close encounters with destiny that ended in heartache have emboldened my resolve to support my boys through it all.

- Super Bowl losses XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII
- World Series 1997
- NBA Finals 1997-1998
- 'No goal' 1999
- 'Music City Miracle' 2000
- 'Phantom goal' 2000
- Adelphia scandal that bankrupt the Sabres, nearly losing them to Paul Allen
- ALCS meltdown 2007
- Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson deciding to outsource 25% of future home games to the hockey hotbed of Toronto. Kind of like appropriating 20 Yankee games for 'home' play in Kabul.

Till death do us part, I am married to my sports teams -- no matter where I live, what I say or do. My heritage essentially dictates this fate, yet my affinity for the guys I root for day in and day out, yearlong and lifelong grows each and every time we encounter hardship.

Some people might say that Buffalo teams are cursed, and to some extent the same could be argued for the Indians and Jazz. I prefer to believe that God is just setting us up for glory. How much more rewarding will it feel when we finally win the big one? Fans of teams like the Yankees, Patriots, Lakers, and Canadian hockey teams can say what they want, but they will never know what it will feel like to be a diehard that has endured without the benefits of national glory, rather the bond that ties one to his/her team. That's what I hang onto and what keeps me ticking ... for that glorious day where history will be rewritten and the burden of defeat will be lifted.

-- I KNOW that each one of my teams will at some point become champions before the sun sets on me.

Oh, and even if my team is out of the division/playoff/championship race, I always root for the underdog ... I relish David versus Goliath matchups.

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