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  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2325 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Still better than work though. :-)

    What'd ya think of Hood not signing, Battle, and the DE today that Gunner knew?

    Yada, yada, yada. You know, I'll have to give that one some serious thought. Wake up at 4:30 am, pay money, get soaked (to the bones), fight off leg cramps on the drive home...

    ...yep! Still better.

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2325 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Thanks. Well, a bad day fishing is better than....

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2326 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    New one. Had to write one about Dan!

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2329 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger


    Wtach the Wngis? Looks lkie Bbcacok and Bysmla!

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2330 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger


    Tnahks for bcmineng a fan! Apricpteae it!

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2333 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    One for tomorrow morning!

  • Phil Hopersberger posted 2334 days ago

    Phil Hopersberger

    Hey, I've been busy. Check out these last two and let me know what you think. Send me your email via my web site addy in my bio. Like to exchange opinions throughout the season on Lions and Vikes.

    New one today.

    Yesterdays must have hit a nerve with almost 800 reads in 24 hours!