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Gary Brinson

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My name is Gary B, and I love sports very much. I've had a great passion for sports since I could watch tv. I'm from Philadelphia so I am a die hard fan of all Philly sports but I do not favor them for what I write, I make articles of what I think my teams should do, because as we all are, we all think we know what's best for our teams, I will not change that, but I will also do some articles or slideshows for the entire league of the sports as well, I follow each team of almost every big sport(NBA,MLB,NFL,NHL) very well. I follow every big name insider in sports on my twitter account so what ever they know, I know, and when I find out, I garuntee you'll find out next. Well that's it, and I can say now that I am proud to be a B/R family member.

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