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Welcome to my bio!

NFL football became a passion of mine when Dwight Clark caught that improbable pass from a scrambling Joe Montana in the 1982 NFC Championship. Mr. Clark rocketed into the air, over Everson Wall's tight coverage, and snatched that ball out of the sky. I was 9 years old and I sat down and watched that entire game, rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. I am a Dallas Cowboy fan to this day.

What people do not remember about that game is that "the catch" did not end the contest; there was still over half a minute left when Dallas got the ball back and they were only down by a point.

Danny White hit Drew Pearson around mid field and if it wasn't for a Ronnie Lott horse collar tackle, Pearson would have went all the way. The play afterwards was a sack of Danny White which resulted in a fumble, which San Francisco recovered; game over.

I cried like a baby. My heart was ripped to bits.

That championship game set the tone for how much I value pro Football. Yes, it is imbedded into my personal culture, never to change.

Thanks to Dwight Clark, I am very passionate and emotional about my football. Ask anyone who has experienced a game in my presence.

I do enjoy all the other sports, albeit; not on the same level.

I am a late bloomer. In 2008 I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor's degree in business and I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to cash in on my $50,000 dollar investment in tuition.

It was during my time with the University of Phoenix that I discovered that I liked writing, although in order for me to like it, my topics had to do something with sports.

It was hard to write about sports when I was a business major, but I was pretty resourceful and was able to write about the "business side" of sports.

Hey, it got the job done.

Writing as a scribe on this site looks like a lot of fun, and who knows, maybe somebody will actually like my work.

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