1. San Diego Chargers Defensive Line: Who Will Stay and Who Will Go

    The undisputed toughest battle this training camp has been between the defensive line. There are 10 men to fill seven spots. What I will attempt to do is go through each player and give my opinion on who will or will not make the team...

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  2. Grading the San Diego Chargers 2009 Draft

    Now that the San Diego Chargers season is over I would like to go back and grade the chargers 2009 nfl draft. Unfortunantly the season didnt end like most of us would have liked but not seems like a perfect time to reflect on the years previous draft.

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  3. Matt Wilhelm Cut by the San Diego Chagers

    According to Chargers.com, veteran linebacker Matt Wilhelm has been released from the team. Now, normally I would never take pleasure in a man losing his job, but this is different. Wilhelm was one of the most inept players to ever dawn a Chargers uniform

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  4. The AFC West: Underrated Players

    People often call the AFC West the worst division in football. And although that might be true, there are many talented players in this division...

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  5. The Five Most Under-Appreciated San Diego Chargers

    When you think about the San Diego Chargers, star names like Antonio Gates, Ladainian Tomlinson, Shawne Merriman and Philip Rivers come to mind...

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  6. The San Diego Charger Leaders: 2009

    When you look at the leaders of the San Diego Chargers, Ladainian Tomlinson comes to mind. But to have a great team, you must not just have a single leader, you must have many great leaders...

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