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  • sung chung posted 1758 days ago

    sung chung

    And your apologizes to Red Sox nation?

  • Anthony DElia posted 1759 days ago

    Anthony  DElia

    PLEASE erase your 2013 preview of the Red Sox because to be honest it was completely inaccurate and does a disjustice to this site. I don't want to belabor the point because you've gotten a bunch of comments on it but please because that article is awful... and please try to restrain yourself from writing about topics that are foreign to you because you end up looking like... you can fill in the blanks

  • sung chung posted 1759 days ago

    sung chung

    Erase your "2013 preview of the Red Sox" article right now. You call yourself a sports writer?

  • S.e. Gregg posted 2125 days ago

    S.e. Gregg

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  • S.e. Gregg posted 2125 days ago

    S.e. Gregg

    great article

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    zjxktwgb mroowego

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  • Aaron Glenn posted 3354 days ago

    Aaron Glenn

    Hey buddy, I am the Community Leader for The Indianapolis Colts. Just trying to send alittle encouragement your way. Check out this article. I think any Colts Fan should see it!

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    Aaron Glenn
    Colts Community Leader
    Bleacher Report Team