Josh Rhoten

Josh Rhoten


I gave up a suburban life style (white picket fence) for a cow town on the edge of reason (replete with gun fights and tumble weeds). When i got done i moved further north and am now looking to move further in any direction.


I have a life long goal of meeting the local dog catcher and/or the ruling Emperor or China. And admit it, after you read that you wanted to meet them as well.

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  • posted 3115 days ago

    Well, I appreciate it and I will be the first to admit that it was closer than any Laker fan would have liked. Each team got in a blow out win, but all four of the others could have gone either way. I've said it before though, sometimes you gotta get a little lucky and either the ball bounces your way or the other team makes one too many mistakes. It's still up to your team to take advantage of those mistakes, and with a guy like Ariza around, we don't have to worry about that.

    I also think this series will be much closer than I'd like and I have all the respect in the world for the Magic. These teams are so good on the road, home court won't matter as I see teams trading off wins. I still got the Lakers in 7.

    I'll try to keep the readings interesting for everyone. Thanks for reading.

  • posted 3117 days ago

    Well, I would say you got me on the lateness of my response, although I do have a life outside of this site, which occasionally means I fail to check every response every single day. I was coming on here to ask you what fan you are, but I see you are sadly a fan of the Warriors, which explains a lot about your bitterness. I always love a good conspiracy theory, especially regarding the Lakers (just don't hear that one very often). If things were set up, it would be Kobe and LeBron every year. But it's not. And honestly, I thought the playoffs have been horribly refed this postseason. Both series and going against all four teams. One minute it's let em play, next minute it's touch foul city. Inconsistency drives me crazy, but if you really saw the Lakers getting the favorite of the calls, then you must be a hater. Which I am used to. (I called this series to go 6 before it began, you can check out my site for proof, and yes that meant winning a close out game in Denver, which they did and did well). If you still have any problems, well what are you going to do. I guess it's just another bitter Warriors fan, upset the lowly Clippers stole BD (still not sure if that will work out in the end). Now it's off to my real life, one in which I can also enjoy another Lakers championship, and this one will take 7 games.