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  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 899 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    It takes a real man to argue on the interwebs. True story.

  • Billy Rogers posted 900 days ago

    Billy Rogers

    Oh! I remember. You misspelled "course" with "coarse". So you are dilusional! Because you were deleted, I can't go back a copy/paste that error, or my comment. But you are too sensitve for this. I can remember the time when you would have been what I logged on for, but like I said, I got banned before.

    Chill out guy. You are probably better than what you've shown, And by the way, it isn't a typo when you clearly misspell a word. ANd that's what you did, Own up, man up, and move on...

  • Billy Rogers posted 900 days ago

    Billy Rogers

    Dude, you are dilusional. And, you are no scary person. What you gleaned from my comments that fired you up, are things of your imagination. Just what was it that I said to you that was "personal"?

    I hate you got clipped. It wasn't my idea. I stopped responding to you because you were, as I said, dilusional. I like football banter. I like being controversial with the Bama haters. But another "fan" that makes dumb comments, is gonna be, as you say, "called out". You made the Saban gets momma's good jobs comment, and I simply replied that you were a liar. THAT is personal, but it isn't untrue. You know, as well as anyone else, that that statement was a lie. It may have been made in jest, but it's still a lie. I have been clipped before, so I wouldn't come at you like you were coming at me. And boy was I tempted! But like I said, I have been banned before, and I like posting on this blog, so you wreren't worth the sacrifice.

    We will meet again on the blog, I'm sure. But be aware, I will not sit quiet while me team, or it's coach, is lied about. Get it?

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 901 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Billy Rogers is a good fan that has some irritable qualities. I enjoy his reads and comments and he's the kind of guy that makes the college football world go 'round. So quit naggin him, eh?