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  • 4th Quarter GOAT posted 546 days ago

    4th Quarter GOAT

    florida sucks.

  • daniel magnuson posted 548 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    haha mediocrity ya going to 3 conference championships in the last 5 years is mediocrity. Go visit a proctologist to get ur head removed from ur own ass. Can u see the laughable problems florida has. Plus georgia beat yall and if they beat us all u biased SEC droolers would be talking bout how todd gurley was so good although we shut him down along with having a better running back in abdullah.

  • daniel magnuson posted 596 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    so um what bowl is florida going to this year? no bowl huh

  • daniel magnuson posted 611 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    take that back more like 4-8 u guys would be able to possibly compete with purdue lol but you guys have 0 depth haha ya sure you guys would stomp nebraska . I predicted your preseason rank 10 was trash.

  • daniel magnuson posted 625 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    Looks like you guys are going 5-7 lol . I remember you were boasting about how Florida would kill us . Ya I could care less that you guys have many injuries . Matt Jones sucked anyway and cant stop fumbling . Plus Driskell is awful and worse than Martinez who also sucks .

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 667 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing

    gayturds suck

  • daniel magnuson posted 718 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    Maybe we will get to play eachother in a BIG 10 SEC BOWL GAME . Ok im done arguing

  • daniel magnuson posted 718 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    Next year you will see how good our offense is , But it does blow when were fumble and martinez makes dumb throws . 2001 national championship baby and we lost to the 01 canes we had eric crouch the option king tho . I like florida more than most SEC teams but seriously I wont hate on yall u guys r doing good . Let me clear my throwt that loss to wisconsin was because both our starting DT got injured the week before and we were not focused and prepared just like yall . The state of Nebraska as a whole probably has the same amount of talent coming out of it every year as the city of Dallas (my city) . But Nebraska still is able to compete and win in and out of the top 25 against teams with way more of a talent pool and ever the years win 5 national championships by recruiting well and developing walkons . If you cant respect that u are not a college football fan .

  • daniel magnuson posted 719 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    We are a nobody how bout being 1 of 4 teams to have won at least 9 games in the last 5 seasons . We are consistently in the top 25 . You guys only excuse to losing to Louisville was claiming they were in the south . You SEC fans are all soaked up in ur own world . You guys only see yourselves . I dont live in the past just stating the facts . Although many husker fans do . Good luck next year and I doubt you guys could stop our offense that can put up alot of points even if our defense is down for a while .

  • Gators 4 Life posted 725 days ago

    Gators 4 Life

    Yeah! Yeah! Go Gators!!!!!!