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  • Long gone posted 266 days ago

    Long gone


  • Brandon Smith posted 726 days ago

    Brandon Smith

    Why do you always use caps?

  • Eric H. posted 741 days ago

    Eric H.

    Will do. I agree with your All Time Sports Moment too - I am so happy I did not turn off the TV that game. Best night of my life.

  • Noah Cruz posted 742 days ago

    Noah Cruz

    Flop City. Clippers.

  • Brandon Koay posted 744 days ago

    Brandon  Koay

    CLIPPERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_________________________________-

  • Brandon Smith posted 744 days ago

    Brandon Smith

    You can't get Dwight anymore! Do you still think that Flop City is better than the Lake Show?

  • Brandon Koay posted 745 days ago

    Brandon  Koay

    Clippers Rule!!!!!!!!!!! -__________________-

  • Neil Culton posted 766 days ago

    Neil Culton

    One does not simply forget about history LOL so pathetic lakers>flippers

  • Brandon Smith posted 774 days ago

    Brandon Smith

    Okay. So what you are saying is that the Lakers are horrible and that the Clippers have are a better contender? Are you smoking meth? You've probably been a Clippers fan for only a year. Stop being a bandwagon asshole you queer.

  • Neil Culton posted 774 days ago

    Neil Culton

    They just suck. Lakers are x10 better.