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  • Michael Wurm posted 1961 days ago

    Michael Wurm

    Were do I start with this very stupid and baseless comment.

    1-Chicago did not give birth to organized crime. That would have been New York. When immigrants coming into the US via Ellis Island and started forming what now makes up the 5 boroughs. When people like Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano and other members of the major crime syndicates came to this country. The Commission was also founded in NY. Many credit that as the birth of true organized crime. Also, Crack started in LA. Not Chicago. Nice try.

    2-It's not smugness. People from Chicago are proud of this city, its history and its fantastic sports roots. We have a lot to be proud of. Our city is one of the cleanest, friendliest, and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Setting aside sports, Chicago has things most cities would kill for. We have the number one restaurant in the country and top 5 in the world, some of the most beautiful woman, and best night life you could ask for. Did I also mention the president of the US is from here.

    3- The Bears havn't won just one Championship. Including the 86 SB, we have won 9. You must know there was football prior to the SB being dreamed up.

    4-Assholes win games. Assholes get things done. Woman like assholes. See there are two types of people in this world. Ditka is the guy who does his must be the other guy.

    5-We have a passing game now. Next subject.

    6-Won't disagree with you here. But our defense carried the team as well. Not just sweetness.

    Next time you troll a website, try backing up your comments with facts. Don't hide behind an anonymous profile and fake name. Put yourself out there, back up what you say and stand tall. That's how a man does it. That's the Chicago way!