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  • If Notorious Dinosaur fails to hoodwink several very large Urban-American defensive linemen to carry that school of goobers, then it will NOT win 8 games.

    Notorious Dinosaur has NO defensive line ... meaning all top 20 opponents will rack up +500 offensive yards against a team that cannot stop the run or pass or mobile quarterback.

    Golson and his talented offense will never get on the field, because Notorious Dinosaur's defensive line of meandering "SLOW" Germanic-Celtic goobers will never get a stop. Thus the opposing offenses will remain on the field 80% of the game and average +28 points per game.

    Banana Reichpublican
    Paying college coaches to ( recruit, season, whip ) bipedal mules $350,000 annually is ridiculous!
    Paying college coaches to ( recruit, season, whip ) bipedal mules $3,500,000 annually is crackhead crazy!!!
    Whether Big State beats Big U is irrelevant. What is relevant pertains to the 4th Caste composition of deeply wronged African-Americans serving a half millennium sentence as enslaved indentured-servants in a purported Christian Nation. College basketball/football personifies the proverbial Goose that "literally lays golden eggs (a.k.a. Black Money Making Machines). College basketball/football players will know hardship in their annual cash crop production of a $Trillion divided among “Pigs at the Trough” college ( coaches, board of trustees, inside operatives, gamblers, boosters ) rewarding the players $0 as … Massar’s Mules in perpetuity.

    America has an acute shortage of ( high school teachers; doctors; dentists; electrical engineers; organic farmers; scientists; intelligent guidance counselors; residential steel framers; mechanical engineers; desalination engineers; refrigeration engineers; plumbers; electricians).

    America has an unfortunate girth of flimflammers (bankers, speculators, lawyers, career politicians, k street lapdogs, faux news reporters, Reichwing RepubliKlans, quivering-shimmering democrats, Waal Street crypto-nazis).

    America has an unfortunate preponderance of minstrels (basketball players, football players, golfers, rappers, thong clad singers, actors, actresses, talk show hosts, game show hosts, reality show contestants, talent show contestants, hate radio hosts, hate cable hosts).

    Roman is burning, grandma is thrown off her farm and the media is covering movie stars at courtside.

    Silly O’Wrongly


    The coaches are overseeing whips … pocketing $3.5Million each year without risk (concussions, torn ligaments, broken knees).

    The coaches retire with multiple (mansions, luxury cars, boats, hidden trusts, international time-shares, foreign bank accounts, cryptic accommodations for their stable of prostitutes).

    The players are hooked stooges squandering their mental/physical health and shortening their lives for ephemeral blingbling. 98% of them will NEVER make a dime in the pros.

    The players “bipedal cash cows” retire with multiple (concussions, leg/head injuries, baby mommas drama, bankruptcy, hopelessness).

    GOP (Guns, Opium, Petroleum) Caste System where heinously wealthy criminals are lionized and Main Street Americans are marginalized.

    A Tale of Two Nations ( Wealth Hoarding Corporate Elite vs. Disenfranchised Main Street )

    1st Caste “Major-Lords” … Heinously wealthy Cryptic Old Ang-Sax male criminals “Pigs at the Trough” OWNING 90% of North America ( Lands; Industries; Corporate Stocks; Congress; Administration; Supreme Court; College Board of Trustees; Media ) … and a scoping covetous eye towards Latin America. They are self-regulated answerers to NO one (nefarious rights of Vi-kings). They pay NO taxes. They create the laws, but NOT follow the laws. They hide embezzled $Trillions in their foreign subsidiaries and cryptic (Swiss, Cayman Island, Offshore British Isle) numeric bank accounts. They drain national resources with impetuosity. They wage illegal wars to drain foreign resources with impunity. They represent 1% of the population but controls 90% of America’s total wealth. They will fight “Transparency and Participatory Democracy” with every fiber of their being. They call themselves Spartan-Romans “Cryptic Nazis” ordained with the profane hegemony to “EXCLUSIVELY” rule the world … via nefarious Global Market Stock Exchange commodification of ALL resources and people.

    2nd Caste “Minor-Lords” … High income impenitent male Ang-Sax Artful Dodgers “Whips” rewarded with property and luxuries for serving their 1st Caste Masters. They perform the logistics of controlling the lower castes; importing narcotics; exporting weapons/wars; discombobulating tax laws; and cryptically transferring electronic $TRILLION$ each year from the U.S. population to private secret (numeric bank accounts, cyber-currency, Asian slave-labor manufacturing plants, ambiguous trusts).

    3rd Caste “Deludes” …Rich athletes/actors of color and arm-candy Ang-Sax women living comfortably for the moment via phantom property and luxuries. They are conspicuous consumers and self-medicated ostentatious fools exchanging their lives and morals for ephemeral trinkets, fame and stable of (imported cars, mansions, prostitutes) that disappear almost as quickly as they came. These glamorous mules are tightly bridled by their “Lords” (1st and 2nd Castes) who will caste them into infamy and bankruptcy for the least provocation.

    4th Caste “Working Poor” … deeply wronged super-majority people of color; Lower Middle Class Anglo-Celtic-Scots descendants of New World Penal Colony Transports [sparsely educated indentured-servants in perpetuity]; and desperately unemployed. They are uninformed and uninsured with NO property, NO savings and NO rights. They are hopelessly forced to perform society’s dirty work in exchange for tainted food (salted sugared lard) … ubiquitous alcohol/drugs … semi-porn reality shows. Their children are forced to attend bogus junior high and high schools featuring elementary school level assignments … where vital courses ( “Science”, “History” , “Literature” ) are conspicuously absent. They are force-fed mind-numbing “Sports” 24/7 … tantamount to Roman gladiatorial games distracting and diverting the population away from ever growing heinous crimes of the upper castes. Their ignorant state and hopelessness will lock them in superstitious fears and perpetual wars with one another and foreign populations equally locked in ignorance and superstition. In mockery and shear contempt for the vast majority of the American People, the 1st Caste has branded them “Chattel” (bipedal cattle, indentured servants, cash cows).

    There is NO dignity in SLAVE LABOR via generating $TRILLION$ for the Ang-Sax Old Men’s Club … COLLEGE ( Coaches, Board of Trustees, Wall Street Speculators, Gamblers, Schools Presidents, Inside Operatives ), while the players graduate with WORTHLESS “Art Degrees”, NO money and NO job prospects! Bojangles still performing (dancing, rapping, running, dribbling) while grinning for Massar.

    “He’s Got Game”

    Dixie slavery fed Timbuck pork guts and molasses laced with gunpowder to increase his cotton picking and bare-knuckle brawling yield above benchmarked standard (collective average of neighboring mega-plantations). Rich Massar was NO Christian … Poor Timbuck was marginalized, objectified and dehumanized.

    University Board of Trustees feed college basketball/football players junk food (sugared saltered preserved lard) laced with steroids and speed to increase their (concussions, knee breaking, torn ligaments) mega-revenue generating capacity above benchmarked standard (collective average of national power schools vying for television and major bowl revenue). Rich Massar is NO Christian … Poor Timbuck continues to be marginalized, objectified and dehumanized … in perpetuity.

    Façadism … covetous albinic wolves ( coach, board of trustees, inside operatives, gamblers, owners, agents ) in sheep clothing.

    A secret society of criminally wealthy Ang-Sax old men (millionaires and billionaires) funded by secret private corporations (Ang-Sax old men controlling the world’s resources and phantom heads of state) CANNOT possibly have the best interest of “We the People” in mind when you quiver from general insecurity and ubiquitous chaos. Wars … Wars … Wars … only lead to more Wars … Wars … Wars … in perpetuity … until only the strongest survives.

    Social Darwinism Capitalism Run Amok (a.k.a. Real Politics)

    Nefarious Empires: Spartans, Machiavelli, Rhodes, Nietzsche, Adolph, “4th Reich GOP (Guns, Opium, Petroleum “Waal Straat”)

    U.S.-Russia Friendship would end all major wars; eliminate all nuclear weapons; and decrease global defense spending by 90%.
    U.S. President Obama and Russia President Medvedev sharing burgers and fries did more for World Peace than GOP Republican Congress squandering $10Trillion during Dubya’a Reign of Wars against brown people.

    If GOP Republicans purportedly transported an automobile 250,000 miles into outer-space; safely landed it on the moon; and drove it on the mega-cratered lunar surface -250* intergalactic dark side, then why can’t they (educate, employ, disseminate U.S. wealth) to 300,000,000 deeply wronged struggling American Citizens thrown under the bus by Senior Corporate Megalomaniacs? “We the People” expect “Our” representatives (Congress, Administration, Supreme Court) to honor their “FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES” of obeying the U.S. Constitution via serving “We the People” … NOT Waal Straat Secret Society (antagonist of a [ free, open, “TRANSPARENT” ] Democratic-Republic).