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  • arthur krulewitz posted 1431 days ago

    arthur krulewitz

    Gretzky, better than Orr ? Hardly

    For those of us who saw ORR in action, comparison...

    Orr could do everything as well.shoot,pass score plus better checker,tougher, definitely a better skater....

  • Foulplay Audio posted 1652 days ago

    Foulplay Audio

  • Reggie Dunlop posted 1660 days ago

    Reggie Dunlop

    Sitting in front of the television 1993 and watching the Habs win the Cup - Jealous Leaf fan here. Cheers

  • Stephen Fortin posted 1662 days ago

    Stephen Fortin

    Cammo Really ยด

  • Tiger Bait posted 1722 days ago

    Tiger Bait

    Keep up the good work, Ryan!

    GoHabs- very tough couple games coming up.

  • Jay Matthews posted 1771 days ago

    Jay Matthews

    Yes at 6-2 there isn't much in terms of negatives at the moment to write about.... so...why then write about things that need to be fixed?

    As for Philly being the Giant that killed the Giant Killers... touche.. they did. And as you say the Habs teams played their hearts out before the Philly series and met a hot backstop in Leighton and were smaller. But discredit the Habs because they played pedal to the metal to get there? Injuries, mis-use of players, a hot goalie they faced... all played a part to their loss. Not simply size. I would not guess you were a big fan of Cammalleri to Calgary for 'bigger' Rene Bourque?

    Look at the history of Big players Habs didn't resign or traded in the past. Desjardins and LeClair both in Philly, both Killed the Habs almost every time they played against them. But Desjardins wasn't a number 1 pairing puck moving D in Montreal, and the coaching staff believed LeClair better suited for a 2nd or 3rd line player. I've watched the Habs for 30 yrs. You can go back a lot further and see the Habs ALWAYS suited up a smaller than average NHL team, but to say that this is one of the sole reasons they haven't won a Cup since 93 is hilarious. (Note* You did not in any way suggest this, and my tone in response has much more to do with general consensus media's response to 'issues with the Habs', you are simply the most recent one to name size as 'a need be fixed').

  • Jay Matthews posted 1771 days ago

    Jay Matthews

    Ryan, while well written, your article about 5 things Habs need to deal with in 2013 is a bit flimsy. I get that its the beginning of the season, that there aren't a lot of games to play and that the Habs are easy targets for media manipulation (media types making things bigger than they actually are)... I found the article lacking. Habs are off to an unexpected great start, they are playing 2 rookies which is not the norm for this storied franchise, we have a healthy crew -also an anomaly for the past 3 seasons, Plek is scoring at a higher than normal pace, Diaz is a PP wizard (but any different than Wizenewski? (sp?) Streit?), Price playing to his abilities, and a coach that appears to be getting the best out of his guys. All things Habs fans have missed for a few seasons. One thing that has not been missed, is the continual anti-Habs fans comments about size and how it prohibits Habs from a 'gimme' from them re: Habs playoff chances. We don't have to go back too far to understand that Habs never play Broad Street Bully Hockey, never utilize big man -garbage goal players Johan Franzen, Holmstrom... The big men Habs use are those with particular skills... not simply fitting them in front and feeding them. The Habs game hasn't been, for a very long time, one where they clog the front of the net and work it inside. I'm a bit disappointed in the finger pointing that they get for being a modest sized team. Look at 2009 and 2010 playoffs and tell me that size was the majority reason for them not getting into the Cup games. Speed and skill is still the way of the bleu, blanc et rouge.

  • Tiger Bait posted 1777 days ago

    Tiger Bait

    I thought that your article was well written and enjoyable. Sad that some people have nothing better to do with their lives than nitpick. Don't let that discourage you from continuing to write.

    Go Habs!

  • Isaac Smith posted 1786 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    Ryan, just wondering about your thoughts on the Habs trading P.K. Subban's rights. I noticed it wasn't on your "5 items to address following the lockout" so maybe him not signing isn't as big of a deal as it looks like right now.

  • Mike Commodore posted 1835 days ago

    Mike Commodore

    I have no idea how this site works, but in case my email doesn't show up email