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Jared Allen

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You think my jersey number is a coincidence??

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  • Jayson Caldwell posted 731 days ago

    Jayson Caldwell

    What happened to Culinary Academy?

  • Long gone posted 731 days ago

    Long gone


  • Long gone posted 732 days ago

    Long gone


  • Tom Schreier posted 732 days ago

    Tom Schreier

    Thank you for becoming a fan of mine.

  • Adrian Peterson posted 732 days ago

    Adrian Peterson

    Hahahaha okay deal

  • Jeff Green posted 733 days ago

    Jeff Green

    Culinary Academy?

  • Jeff Green posted 734 days ago

    Jeff Green

    @James: Not going to happen... He'd be lucky to get half of that this time.

  • James Bicoy posted 734 days ago

    James Bicoy

    Jared I hope you go out and crucify all opposing QB's and shatter the sack record this year.

  • Jeff Green posted 734 days ago

    Jeff Green

    That awkward moment when that wasn't this following season.

  • Jayson Caldwell posted 736 days ago

    Jayson Caldwell

    That awkward moment when you miss the playoffs.