Jonathan Cyprowski is a professional journalist that has been published in numerous publications worldwide. Growing up in the city of Pittsburgh he learned to appreciate the old school traditions in sports, but from a new school perspective. Whether it’s doing an interview with a world class athlete or breaking the latest news, Jonathan brings a fresh look at the world of sports.

When he stopped watching cartoons and started tuning into SportsCenter in the 3rd grade it became clear that sports would be a passion for Jonathan. Playing every sport he could including a brief stint in collegiate football gave Jonathan a great foundation and understanding of a number of sports. After having kidney failure on the practice field Jonathan turned his attention to becoming one of the next great sports journalist. With a Master’s Degree in Journalism, and a B.A. in communications his education matches his unbridled enthusiasm for real, intriguing sports journalism.

His experience with kidney failure altered his approach to sports only from a physical standpoint. Instead of playing them he covers them, and in doing so he brings an athlete’s perspective to his writing. Sometimes opinionated but always-fair Jonathan’s use of whit, irony and a flair for the dramatic make his writing a must read for sports fans everywhere.

Follow Jonathan on twitter @JCyprowski

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  • steeler nation posted 1313 days ago

    steeler nation

    I find myself looking forward to the good bad and ugly this week...must mean I am a fan!

  • John Bush posted 1546 days ago

    John Bush

    Hey Jonathan, I was wondering if you could help me out by doing a short on-air interview for WKTN Knightcast UCF's student radio Friday previewing the direction of the Steeler organization in the upcoming NFL Draft? Please let me know by tomorrow through email CGrosUCF@knights.ucf.edu

  • John Doublin posted 1712 days ago

    John Doublin

    Feedback is appreciated.

  • Tim SteelersFan posted 1801 days ago

    Tim SteelersFan

    Hey Jonathan. It's been a while. I've recently written a new article you may be interested in reading:

    "The Miami Dolphin Crime Family: Tony and the Sparanos"


    Come read about how the Miami Dolphins have become the franchise with the most arrests in the NFL, a story no one else in the media seems to be following, and a problem that the Dolphins don't seem interested in correcting.

  • John Doublin posted 1830 days ago

    John Doublin

    Today is the big day! The debut of "Its Game Tyme" sports talk, call in show. Co-hosted by me and B/R corespondent DawgFather. If you love sports, you'll love this!

    Today's lead topic, Big Ben!

    3pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific time


    I hope you'll tune in!

  • John Doublin posted 1854 days ago

    John Doublin

    Something outside my normal style.

  • John Doublin posted 1854 days ago

    John Doublin

    Something outside my normal style.

  • Richard Bowler posted 1880 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    If you want a good laugh check out my new slide show on the greatest sports mullets of all time.

  • John Mulligan posted 1890 days ago

    John Mulligan

    did you write your profile for yourself? very flattering indeed