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  • Gavin Andrews posted 620 days ago

    Gavin Andrews

    That's very creative and I love how thought-out it is, but Atlanta really doesn't want to part with Simmons, and I'm not sure Arizona is getting enough back. It's something to consider though. Thanks for writing on my wall!

  • Kenny DeJohn posted 652 days ago

    Kenny DeJohn

    Because Myers is one of the top prospects in baseball, I don't see it happening. For a guy like him to be traded, the return would have to be a pitcher of Dickey's level that is close to 10 years younger. Dickey may not have many good ones left, so the Royals run a huge risk by trading a near sure-fire player.

  • Shale Briskin posted 733 days ago

    Shale Briskin

    Hey! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it! To be honest, there isn't exactly one Met that I would compare Harvey to in all areas. In other words, I don't see a former Met being a perfect comparison to him. One name that could be comparable is Ron Darling. Harvey may throw hard, but is not going to take over the league like Dwight Gooden did in 1984. But Harvey will soon be a solid No. 2 starter, just like Darling was from 1984-1990.

  • Alex Giobbi posted 746 days ago

    Alex Giobbi

    The reason why Kirk is back in Buffalo is because he was struggling. With Mike Baxter returning from injury, and with Bay and Torres having more experience. Kirk was going to be a casualty anyway. Sadly, this will be his rookie season and with guys like Frazier, Miley, and Harper going against him, he's obviously not winning ROY. I hope this answers your query adequately.

  • Vinny Messana posted 757 days ago

    Vinny Messana

    I put much more value in players that have actually succeeded in the major league level than players who have received praise from baseball america writers so if they could snag a 25 year old under control that has big game experience I would get rid of anyone short of wheeler and harvey

  • Maxwell Ogden posted 774 days ago

    Maxwell Ogden

    Great question, Justin.

    I believe Harper will win the award based off of hype alone. Statistically speaking, however, Rizzo's continued success would make it hard for any voter to go against him. While he may end up playing a few games less than Harper, his contributions have been equally as strong.

    The question is, how much credit will voters give to Harper for the Nationals' success?