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  • david smith posted 1938 days ago

    david  smith

    I have that same Steve Smith poster. 6 bucks?

  • T.A posted 1938 days ago


    Well, you are a great writer, The only advise I have is to work hard on your articles. If you work hard on your articles they'll be very good. Make sure your articles are very informative, and insightful. Don't just work on an article for one day and publish it.

    You're first article was very good and very impressive, I can see you worked hard on it.

    As for this website just make sure you comment on other peoples articles and engage yourself in debates and conversation. You should also advertise your stuff to other writers.

    If you work hard on your articles people then you'll get a lot of good feedback and people will appreciate your effort.

    Anyways, let me know when you write articles, just leave a note in my bulletin board I read most of the stuff and almost always leave a comment even if I'm late.

    Anyways, good luck on your goals and never give them.