Willie Alexander

Willie Alexander

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Played Basketball since the 7th grade, I have always liked the hawks but growing up i was a Heat fan, I have always followed the Hawks from the 8 year absence from the Playoffs to the 5 straight appearances, I love the Hawks. People ask me well what happend with the Heat?, I cant stand there fans and many people gave me hell for liking the Hawks so i went with the team that i always felt more excited when the won games and wanted to break everything in the house when they lost and that is the Hawks. Main Goal in life is to play college basketball. I would love to make it to the NBA but im having a hard enough time getting into College, So if i ever do get into college and the NBA does not work out for me I will try and somehow get into the NBA by making my way through the college Ranks and trying to become a GM and possibly and a Basketball Operator for Hopefully the Hawks one day.

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