HHHEdgehead 4ever

HHHEdgehead 4ever


There's nothing much to say. I'm sixteen and just finished with my tenth grade boards and have holidays till April!
I missed the attitude era but have seen many videos of the same and thus I understand the craze behind it; it was truly epic. However, I still prefer the Ruthless Aggression Era.
I openly acknowledge that I'm a huge Edgehead and mark and consider him a very underrated superstar.
If Punk has in fact left the WWE, I'm gonna be losing about 80% of my interest in WWE.
It'll be the second time that one of the superstars in my top 5 list has left/retired all of a sudden (the first being Edge whose retirement marked a dark day for the WWE).
It is because these guys are there every night, every week, the company takes advantage of them. They learnt it the hard way with Edge's sudden retirement and their lesson will continue with Punk's departure.
My Favourite Shows:

One Tree Hill
How I met your Mother
Two and a Half Men
The Big Bang Theory
My Favourite Book Series:

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus.

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