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—Born and raised in Michigan. Spent some time in Minnesota, and now live in sunny Florida.

—Five years as producer/Host of The Average Joe Sports Show (860AM KNUJ/
—NFL Analyst/Senior Writer: (Covering Detroit and Carolina)

—Member of the Pro Football Writers of America and Society of Professional Journalists
—2011 PFWA Dick Connor Award Winner for Column Writing
— 2014 PFWA Dick Connor Award Winner for News (1st) and Game Stories (3rd)

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  • azeem sa posted 21 days ago

    azeem sa

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  • Fritz Stoop posted 32 days ago

    Fritz Stoop

    Your take on Greg Roman is exactly upside down.
    He is slowly but surely ruining a once great franchise.
    He is an idiot.

  • Random Civilian posted 33 days ago

    Random Civilian

    Whatever Happened to "Hater's Guide to Week X"? That was one of my favorite articles

  • Jimbo baby posted 44 days ago

    Jimbo baby

    Whether you get to make the decision or not about comments being closed, I do think its disappointing we can't have a genuine (and in all likelihood, lively) debate about your opinion piece on Adrian Peterson. Yes, your sarcasm regarding about Vikings fans coming to defend AP is warranted as that people are calling you names (again, unfortunate). Oh well, those of us who don't like it can read NFL material on other websites.

  • Michael Schottey posted 49 days ago

    Michael Schottey

    I do not choose whether or not comments get disabled on my columns.

  • ... posted 49 days ago


    What a surprise... the coward keyboard warrior has the comment section closed because even people who disagree with AP returning thought your article was an ignorant and biased piece of trash.

  • Michael Schottey posted 49 days ago

    Michael Schottey

    What a surprise...a bunch of Minnesota Vikings fans think their superstar running back didn't do anything wrong. I'm shocked, ya'll...shocked.

  • Ryan Bender posted 49 days ago

    Ryan Bender

    AP didn't "lose control" when he disciplined his kid. That is your opinion. He's unfairly being lumped in with Goddell's mess of handling Ray Rice's left hook caught on video. He needs conseling on how to be a better parent. He doesn't belong in jail and never did. He has given to his community time and time again. You want to be a guy who stands on your high horse in this matter, and I get it. The kid was too young for that kind of "whooping". But as cliche as you want to say it is - being raised in the poor south is not the same as being raised anywhere else. He needs the Vikings to stand behind him - which I believe they will. He needs to be forgiven, which he will be...whereas Rice never will. These are two separate cases. AP should be on the field vs the Bears or it's a shame.

  • Brad S. posted 49 days ago

    Brad S.

    NFL should hold AP to higher standard than the judicial system? Good joke. You are a terrible writer and your opinion of the AP situation is greatly flawed. You're a joke. Keep your biases in your writing, they let everyone know what a moron you are.

  • Adam Boulter posted 49 days ago

    Adam Boulter

    You are a joke of a writer, using your personal bias against a team to try and ruin a man's HOF career. You should feel ashamed of yourself for writing that. The sad thing is people will actually believe what you write.