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—Born and raised in Michigan. Spent some time in Minnesota, and now live in sunny Florida.

—Five years as producer/Host of The Average Joe Sports Show (860AM KNUJ/
—NFL Analyst/Senior Writer: (Covering Detroit and Carolina)

—Member of the Pro Football Writers of America and Society of Professional Journalists
—2011 PFWA Dick Connor Award Winner for Column Writing
— 2014 PFWA Dick Connor Award Winner for News (1st) and Game Stories (3rd)

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  • Ian Goertz posted 13 days ago

    Ian  Goertz

    You're a terrible writer. GO BUCKS! GO BROWNIES!

  • Co Jo posted 21 days ago

    Co Jo

    Hey Michael Schottey,

    I humbly request that you bring back the, I can't exactly remember the name of the article, something along the line of "Your team sucks, and why they won't win this week" article you were doing back in 12'. I always enjoyed that article, always got a kick out of it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Sean Johnson posted 35 days ago

    Sean Johnson

    Your writing is way too biased. Keep it neutral. We get it, you don't like the Cowboys among other teams but to let that fandom seep into your professional writing, especially when you sell it as unbiased in the prequel, etc, is just inexcusable and unprofessional. We cant take you seriously when you write like this. Writing of your new slide show rating the teams in the NFL. Maybe baseball is more your vocation or golf? Football, it seems you're a tad lost. Sorry, constructive criticism. Not trying to be personal. Just some of what you write is so cringe worthy. Like - "he didn't just write that!" "noooooo, dont say that!" oy. :) Good luck.

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  • Ryan Stanton posted 51 days ago

    Ryan Stanton

    This guy can NEVER admit whens hes wrong, no accountability whatsoever. All that lard has finally went to his brain. Total hack.

  • mitchell monteith posted 163 days ago

    mitchell monteith

    Wow, first person I've found where I disagree with every grade. I can tell you don't get paid to grade football talent.

  • Gene s posted 164 days ago

    Gene s

    Read your grades through rd 3. Woulda bet money that you were a Ram fan. Of course I see that I was wrong.

    Being a ram fan (LA) for 45 years, I haven't felt this good about an upcoming season since the 70's. Certainly since that fat bitch took my team away. ((I got over it)

    Yes they won a SB but they took the cheap route in the subsequent drafts and, despite needs, refused to take ANY effing real linemen

  • Ben A posted 165 days ago

    Ben A

    "A pedestrian athlete across the board, Latimer doesn't create a cushion and he's not an out-of-the-gym leaper, either"

    Are you kidding Shottey?
    You are completely wrong about this.
    He was a basketball star in high school who throws down alley oop dunks easily and you say he isn't an out of the gym leaper. He is also very fast (4.38 at pro day, couldn't run at combine because of injury) and very strong (lead WRs in bench at combine)

  • Vince Evans posted 165 days ago

    Vince Evans

    Your concerns with Shazier make it fairly obvious your a Michigan person. The "notoriously fast Ohio State track" shouldn't be an issue since his 40 was run in the Woody Hayes facility on turf, in cleats, not track spikes (I am guessing you've never run on it, as it is pretty standard field turf). I am not sure how much of him you've seen but his ability to play in open space is definitely not an issue (excellent speed and pursuit allow him to close quickly in space) unless your looking for something to reach for and hoping that people would just take your word for it. He will have some trouble with blockers, tackling, and is injury prone.

  • Mark Mende posted 165 days ago

    Mark Mende

    Just read your review of the first round and it's very good. However, you might want to edit your Teddy Bridgewater review:
    "Lambeau and Soldier Field twice every season"
    He doesn't play at those twice each, he plays at each of them once. You make it sound like they play two away games in Green Bay and Chicago every year.