I've covered athletics on both coasts of the United States. Currently enjoying the journey as Bleacher Report's national college football recruiting analyst, taking a detailed look at the sport's next stars.

I spent three seasons with the Rutgers University football recruiting staff under coach Greg Schiano before switching over to the press box. We won three bowls and Ray Rice ran... a lot.

After departing Rutgers, I worked as a multimedia sports reporter in Los Angeles and Orange County.

I joined Bleacher Report in 2012, covering two Olympics, college basketball and beyond before settling into my current role with the college football department.

I called ESPN Radio's Atlantic City affiliate my home for three great years, serving as the voice of high school sports in the region.

I'm always available for media inquiries and more at tydon995@gmail.com!

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  • fatihin nurul posted 75 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Eric Balzer posted 993 days ago

    Eric Balzer

    NCAA and EA Likeness Settlements (O’Bannon and Keller Lawsuits), which have been in the news for two years, are now accepting claims. Please inform any current or former Division I FB or Men’s BB Players (2003-2014) that they may be entitled to cash payments from these settlements. www.NCAA-EA-Likeness-Settlement.com ***Note also that receiving payment from these matters does not affect eligibility in any way***

  • Peter Mofokeng posted 1004 days ago

    Peter Mofokeng

    how can you honestly say Eason is better than Rosen. Rosen is the best high school qb out of the west since Jimmy Clausen. Eason might have the arm strength and physical edge but, he clearly doesn't exhibit the pocket presence or finite tools Josh Rosen possesses. Josh Rosen will change QB play as a whole at UCLA just like Andrew Luck did for Stanford

  • Warren Sanders posted 1021 days ago

    Warren Sanders

    Tyler: Who matches the photo of the teams with the article about that team? Look at the photo above the article on Miss. State Un., it is a photo of the other Mississippi team (tsun) not a photo of MSU players. That is very insulting to MSU and to the fans.

  • Doug Manahan posted 1147 days ago

    Doug Manahan

    Wow, only 1 recruiting 1 winner during September outside the SEC and apparently no losers from the conference.....must be a nice gig to have your opinion bought and paid for by ESPN.

  • justin fregoso posted 1153 days ago

    justin fregoso

    utah is a big sleeper for hawkins, his head coach attended utah and was recruited by whittingham.

  • cvcxv cxvcxzvxc posted 1259 days ago

    cvcxv cxvcxzvxc

    I like how you didnt allow for comment at the end of the story about the hooker that some no name worthless college team signed....its kinda like danica patrick in a way. the college is looking for one thing out of this and it sure isnt a CB....it publicity and you provided that to them good job....WTF are they gonna do with a women? unless she benches 240 and runs a 4.5 or better she wont make it...just like all the other women who tried and failed at playing football....i could care less that they try who cares...getting a medal for just showing up is worthless.... show me you can play and then ill give a FU*CK....So wheres this bitch gonna change and shower after games???? Im guessing the coach will have to wait until she washes her hair in the other locker room alone then wait for all the guys to get dressed so she can come to their locker room for the after game speech???? that or i hope she likes looking at dick....i see her getting cut before the season unless like i said earlier the college is looking for PR points then she'll make the team....NEVER touch the field but she'll make the team like Rudy lol....

    The only thing i see in her furture is giving out handies in the locker room for the guys who play well....screw game balls when you can get game handjobs and blowjobs lol......

  • Earl McClary posted 1334 days ago

    Earl McClary

    Tyler, when I read your headline for this story I thought about the Clemson Tigers...not Auburn. It may come as a surprise to you but Auburn is just like Clemson but Clemson has a Lake called Lake Hatwell. Next time you write about the Tigers. You might want to consider that Clemson is just as well known as Auburn as the Tigers...if not better. After all they fly a War Eagle around their stadium so I always get a little confused as to whether the Tiger or the War Eagle is their mascot. But when you say the Tigers...their is no confusion in my mind and the mins of many a great college football fan. Clemson is the true Tigers of college football. We have proven that we do not take a back seat to the SEC and when it comes to Auburn...we can hold our own on the field with them too.

  • Allan Payne posted 1372 days ago

    Allan Payne

    If Vic Wild is an "American ex-patriot," how can he be on Russia's team, given that ex-patriots are simply Americans abroad?

  • Gerrique Vaunn posted 1406 days ago

    Gerrique Vaunn

    Hey Mr. Donahue:

    Do you stand by that prediction that Wichita State "Should take a significant step backwards" for the 2013 - 2014 season?

    Shame, shame, shame. Seems to me that once again, someone with east coast ties did not do their homework about a midwest team.