Dan  Barton

Dan Barton


Nothing else much to say other than the fact that I am a HUGE Chicago Sports fan!!

I love Cubs baseball (baseball in general, but lean more toward the Northside).
I've had Season tickets for the Bears for about 5 years now, am obsessed, LOVE tailgating - and the guys I have the tickets pooled our resources and we got a sweet ride for the games... A rusted out '87 Toyota VanWagon. Pictures available on request!!!

I've loved the Bulls since the late 80's and the first 3 peat is what got me into basketball.
I've been playing it ever since - love the game, and know EVERYTHING about it - including how much the 'circle' in the lane SUCKS!

I'll take anyone down in Bears trivia, and love to argue about anything sports - especially if the topic includes Bears offensive options - or just if a 'Chicago Sports Boob' (Chicagoans, you know what this means!) decides to make some off-the-wall declarations about Kyle Orton becoming the next Joe Montana.

Don't start with me - you'll lose anyway! :)

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