Seth Gruen has covered all four major professional sports, college football and college basketball throughout his career. Most recently he served as the Big Ten columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times in addition to roles covering the Cubs, White Sox and Bulls.

He has covered multiple NCAA Tournaments, the NBA Playoffs, the NBA Finals, the Final Four, the Little League World Series and multiple Big Ten Football Championships. He regularly appears on the television show "SportsTalk Live," which airs weekdays on Comcast SportsNet Chicago. Follow him on Twitter @SethGruen.

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  • Joe Bermudez posted 639 days ago

    Joe Bermudez

    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading the Harper's Remarks article, and I don't usually find articles enjoyable on B/R.

  • Rick Karlsruher posted 771 days ago

    Rick Karlsruher

    Somehow the the first part of my post was cut off.

    If Harry goes to New Mexico Highlands he'll be the first pick in the draft. The concept of getting "NBA exposure" from KY is ludicrous. He'll get it anywhere he plays.

    You should have done some homework. On multiple occasions, Harry spoke of how much he thought about Danny Manning having lived through the same thing he was living through. Harry has told several sites he likes Danny and appreciates the personal insights.

  • Rick Karlsruher posted 771 days ago

    Rick Karlsruher

    Your laziness also extends to the fact that Harry has developed relationships with Chris Paul and Tim Duncan. You also missed that former #1 pick in the NBA draft at PF (and player with the same skill set as Harry) Chris Weber will be a teacher at Wake for the next two years.

    Which of the other schools that you mentioned has THREE #1 players in the NBA draft who happen to play Harry's position?

    Did you know that Wake coach and legend Randolph Childress considers Harry his "other son" becasue of how close his son Brandon and Harry have been since elementary school? Did you know Harry has spent countless nights at the Childress home?

    I'm guessing you don't know any of this.