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Tony Parnell


"Hucking Grenades"

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  • Rudy Arruda posted 1390 days ago

    Rudy Arruda

    We are rebuilding now, Go Celtics

  • Jake Tyler posted 1880 days ago

    Jake Tyler

    Like I thought, you are nothing but another typical bandwagon Bammer. You only pull for the team or guy that is on top. You, like most Alabama fans don't know how to take a loss and college football is all you have besides Talledega. It's truly sad to think about so many people that care about football more than being civilized or having any sort of class. You talk trash. But you have only been watching football since 2005, around the same time Saban walked in. I wonder why you started watching then... That's when the bandwagon loaded up and people like you started to think they know about football. You have no idea when or where the Cigar Barrel even started. You will now look it up on the internet so that you can act like you already knew. Typical, ignorant Bammer. Roll A&M! GO VOLS!!

  • Brian posted 1909 days ago


    Tony, reading your comments to others, and myself, you need to take a minute to relax, is that really how you would talk to me, or m b in real life? You can't tell me that you would. Just think about what you write, it is still a representation of you. I don't only mean this to you, but to everyone else on the internet. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense.

    I would love to see an Oregon Alabama match up come january.

  • Ian Berg posted 1910 days ago

    Ian Berg

    "Stop writing about Bama. Its not our fault that all you Barners have to talk about is your atrocious record and your (soon to be former) Head Coach. Jealousy is to be expected from a shoeless, mouth breathing, Aubarn fan like you, but this is ridiculous. If we were so "overrated" then we wouldn't be #1. There are 3 very good football teams that would easily jump us for the top spot if they were better, but they're not. Lay off, and have fun looking for a new coach, I'll give you a hint, go with one with more than 5 wins in two seasons."

    What are you referring to Tony? You obviously missed the article content. I did not say that Alabama was overrated, but that they were untested. Hold the insults bud, no need.

  • Chubby1 posted 1910 days ago


    Why is a Bama fan posting 12 yr old insults on a Gator fans page? Is this junior high and you just wanted my attention? Well, now you can stare at my pictures anytime your little heart desires. I've been around those parts...see, I do have a heart Tony

  • Aaron Deck posted 1930 days ago

    Aaron Deck

    You Suck....