Jonathan  Beckman

Jonathan Beckman


When you combine athleticism, intelligence, charm, and of course good looks...the outcome is Jonathan Beckman. People confuse my outgoing personality as a sign of arrogance, but truthfully, it's just confidence. Whatever situation I am involved in, I feel that I bring something new to the table- a mindset that is "against the grain".
Concerning my educational history, I am a graduate of Tottenville High School in New York. I was the starting point guard for 3 1/2 years on the Varsity basketball team. After high school, I attended Valencia College in Florida; after 1 year, I transferred home to Kingsborough College, which I led my basketball team to the championship in 2006. Again, after 1 year, I transferred to CUNY- College of Staten Island, where I chose to finish my college years and graduate with B.A. in History. Why history? To know what came before you; to be able to answer "why" questions is a privilege and a necessity if you choose to have a proper outlook/opinion of/about society. I originally wanted to become a teacher, but that seems to simple. I now am pursuing my first love: Sports. Since playing professional ball is difficult, writing and analyzing sports seems to be the trade that will keep me happy.
Concerning my writing, I tend to be a "leftist". Meaning, I tend to ignore headlines, and do my own research. Too many writers recycle information, and present a safe outlook; rather than dissecting situations, and taking chances with their opinions- I am Real!
My goal is to have my voice heard and to make a difference in the sports world. My time is now...

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