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Matt was born in central Illinois, grew up in suburban Chicago, played baseball at a couple junior colleges, and graduated from Southern Illinois University with a major in TV production. Now at,,,,,, (hoops coming 2010-2011 season),, and Matt will provide you with insightful wit and a eager eye for sports. When Matt is not watching sports or listening to rap music he enjoys reality TV, watching movies, girls, texting, surfing the 'net and being controversial, LOL. That is not my picture, but it is the Super Pimp as seen on

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  • jennifer teamah posted 2376 days ago

    jennifer teamah


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  • Scott Eisenlohr posted 2880 days ago

    Scott Eisenlohr

    Matt, I could be interested. I love BR, but I only have time for one site. Do you pay? Have video/photo shop links? In my previous writing life, I got paid. Looks like fun, but redisant to do.

  • Brett Kettyle posted 2880 days ago

    Brett Kettyle


    I would love to write for the Dugout Doctors, it sounds like an excellent opportunity. Just let me know what exactly you want me to write and any other details I need to know. If you want to e-mail me, my address is



  • Andy Bensch posted 2882 days ago

    Andy Bensch

    thanks for the compliment on my writing but sorry, I'm writing for multiple sources right now and unless this is a paying gig, I just dont have the time.

    best of luck.


  • Matt King posted 3049 days ago

    Matt King

    Hey Matt,

    I know you enjoyed my NBA Draft Suits slideshow so much, so I thought my might like to see my latest attempt at grading fashion in sports. I'm sure you'll agree with all my opinions.


    Matt King

  • posted 3088 days ago


    I know you are a big NBA fan and if you are a true NBA then you know of the travesty that is currently happening in Oklahoma City. I am not talking about the Sonics moving there, I am talking about Kevin Durant being held captive on that team.

    The team is stuck in a perpetual cycle of rebuilding. How are they going to resign all those high draft picks? They can’t offer everyone one of those guys over $10M a year and if they sign Durant to the max offer of $14M a year, which they’ll have to, then they cannot afford to sign a good supporting cast to help him win.

    So, what I am asking for you is to come help me out with and write little posts about why it would be great for Durant to come to your city and help your team win a championship.
    If you are interested go here: there is an email link on the bottom of that page.

    Let’s create a storm to get Durant out of OKC to a place where he can win a championship!

    And the site is going to be going through some revamp soon, just taking a while to get the graphics done.

  • ChiCitySports .Com posted 3091 days ago

    ChiCitySports .Com

    New Chicago Sports site looking for writers. Dedicated writers who want their work to be featured on our site need to check this out. The site features news/updates for all Chicago area teams. So far we're looking for writers for the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, and Blackhawks. Your work is good so I hope you decide to give it a look....if you are a die-hard fan of any chicago'll dig this.

  • Richard Marsh posted 3100 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    A real piece of history to show you why we are where we are today. Enjoy and comment if you choose too, please.

  • Tyler Pollard posted 3101 days ago

    Tyler Pollard

    Hey check out my latest Article.

  • Chase Sanford posted 3103 days ago

    Chase Sanford

    Hey Matt,

    I just published an article about Dwyane Wade leaving Converse to sign with Team Jordan. What does this mean for Converse and Team Jordan? Is this just a business move, or could Wade be planning on being in Chicago soon? Check out my article if you get the chance, comments/feedback are always appreciated!