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  • First Name Last Name posted 204 days ago

    First Name Last Name


  • Sir Gunner posted 217 days ago

    Sir Gunner


  • Real Hornets Fan posted 294 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    I guess thats better than a loss

  • Real Hornets Fan posted 305 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    I have no idea which of those 4 games we will win. We could go 4-0 in that span or 0-4. Its just a matter of do the Panthers show up or do the Kitty Cats show up. The Kitty Cats showed up the past 2 weeks. This chicago is game is a must win in my opinion

  • Real Hornets Fan posted 308 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    good jesus we are terrible right now

  • Real Hornets Fan posted 328 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    Yeah i agree i was getting worried near the end but they pulled it off thanks to Luke Kuechly

  • Real Hornets Fan posted 329 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    Panthers looked good today without Newton!!! With a healthy newton with that team we could repeat easily.

  • 9erGal posted 340 days ago


    Is it going to be a race between Giants and Braves for wild card???

    If so, I take the Giants ;)

  • Real Hornets Fan posted 349 days ago

    Real Hornets Fan

    Hey Stewart looked great last night. Cam looked good for his first game back. I hope he can create enough chemistry with the wide receivers before the season starts!!!!

  • 9erGal posted 350 days ago


    Looks like the Panthers fans had a much better day than 9er fans :(