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  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1584 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    It is possible to get paid for articles on B/R, but you won't be right away - you have to earn your stripes. In terms of percentage, there are very few writers on the site who get paid for their work.

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1953 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    To be honest - and I don't want to make it sound like I'm skipping the question - any of those guys would be great additions. If we go into the season with the roster as it stands I'll be happy, so when you're talking about adding players like this it can only help the depth. Also on the list of players I'd love to see here are Amundson, Yi and Delfino.

    Add any one of the guys you and I have mentioned and we'd have the deepest bench in the league.

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1954 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Hey Chris. I think there will probably be one more veteran signing, since Chris Smith is going to be sent straight down to the D-League.

    Melo's two former Nugget teammates (Birdman and K-Mart) are looking the most likely right now. K-Mart says he wants to get paid, whereas Birdman says he's happy taking the minimum, so I guess he'll be the guy.

  • Errol Elam posted 1962 days ago

    Errol Elam

    hey chris love your avatar, love iman shumpert(the knicks future allstar), and appreciate someone who posts with common sense. chat me up on my bulltein board whenever!

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1967 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Oh, I didn't know that, thanks for telling me! I think it's a great move. He should start and play about 20 minutes of great defense and not getting in the way on offense.

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1981 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Yeah I saw that. I would have preferred to keep Jorts instead of Gadzuric, but hey, we still got Camby.

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1982 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    I do have a feeling he'll end up as a Knick again. It will probably come down to whether or not we can acquire either he or Jason Kidd via sign-and-trade.

  • Josh Schoch posted 1983 days ago

    Josh Schoch

    Hey Chris, thanks for becoming a fan of mine! I hope you'll follow me on Twitter too, and any time you want to talk about your Knicks or anything else, just hit me up on my bulletin board.

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1986 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Chris. I appreciate it.

  • Josh Schoch posted 1992 days ago

    Josh Schoch

    Wow, that's huge news for your Knicks. Glad to hear it, thanks for letting me know!