Jim McMillen

Jim McMillen


I am an avid Steelers fan from Conneaut, Ohio. Though I was born in 'Stains' country, I am a die-hard Steelers fanatic. I am a father of two, Zach (9) and Zoe (8) and a loving husband.

By trade I am a Website Developer and I am currently working on getting my company, Cell 13 Productions, on the map. When I am not working on websites I am bleeding black & gold writing for several outlets about the Steelers. One being here at Bleacher Report and another being at Pittsburgh Blitz my Steelers fan blog.

Outside the NFL and the Steelers I am a Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates and Panthers supporter. For basketball, I am a L.A. Lakers fan. I don't pay as much attention to my other affiliations as I do the Steelers but I still support those other teams when I have the extra time.

Check out these great sports Blogs / forums where my work is published as well :

Pittsburgh Blitz - http://pittsburgh-blitz.com
Fan Nation - http://www.fannation.com/blogs/show/770950

Follow me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/steelerguy26

Extra: If any Steelers writer here at the Bleacher Report is interested in guest blogging at Pittsburgh Blitz let us know. We are always looking for fresh talent to add to our fans experience when they visit our site.

website is: http://pittsburgh-blitz.com

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  • John Graham posted 2851 days ago

    John Graham

    Hope you like this one!

  • JW Nix posted 2909 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this :


  • Nick Signorelli posted 3004 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    What up everyone? I wrote an article about the changes here on B/R over the last couple of months, and about some of the things that we used to have, that we don't anymore. If you could, check it out.


    As I have said in the past, many times, I am not on here for AOTD votes, but I believe that if enough of you give me your AOTD vote, then maybe the higher ups will bring back some of the things that are gone.

    Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.


  • Vicki Farries posted 3018 days ago

    Vicki  Farries

    Hi JIm

    Tell me if I am wrong. Check out my article on the offensive line. I'd really appreciate your comment or criticism.


  • Vicki Farries posted 3027 days ago

    Vicki  Farries

    Hi Jim

    Lots has been written about the Wizard, Dick LeBeau. I wanted to give tribute to the genius that is.. I would love to hear your impressions. Thanks


  • Vicki Farries posted 3044 days ago

    Vicki  Farries

    Hey Jim

    Every year at training camp, someone always stands out as the Camp Phenom. I know its early, but check out my nomination. Tell me what do you think?


  • Jonathan Cyprowski posted 3053 days ago

    Jonathan Cyprowski

    Hey Jim,

    I just posted a new article on a long shot guy finally getting his shot with the Steelers. I was hoping to get you to take a look at it. Let me know what you think.


  • Vicki Farries posted 3062 days ago

    Vicki  Farries

    Hi Jim

    Check what I believe the Steelers should focus on this training camp. Look forward to your comments.


  • Nick Signorelli posted 3072 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    I said in an article last week that when one door closes, another one opens. Here is the story about my door opening. If you get the chance, please check it out. It would mean a lot to me.



  • Nick Signorelli posted 3076 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    There is a new Steelers writer on bleacher. His name is Jason, and he is pretty good. You should check out his first article.