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Todd Callahan

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Like every kid, my goal was to become the greatest baseball player ever. Sadly, I was unable to hit the fastball and was never that fast. So there went my dreams of becoming a utility infielder for a major league team. As long as a remember, sports has been a big part of my life. I was either playing it or watching it as a child.
Seeing as how I was never going to play professionally, I retired from organized sports and elected to go into journalism.
I graduate with a degree from the University of Georgia in 1995 and worked in the newspaper industry for nearly 15 years. I recently became a free agent, but I still feel I have many more years of good words in me and am currently looking for a team.
In addition to being an award-winning sports writer and editor, I also have worked at doing play-by-play locally. This is something I would love to continue to do.
I enjoy college football and basketball over the NFL and NBA and I also love major league baseball.
Since I went to UGA, I am a big supporter of the Bulldogs, especially in the fall. But when the leaves fall and the trees are bare, I turn to basketball.
I am a native of North Carolina and have a passion for the ACC. I grew up bleeding Carolina Blue, and I also have a running tally of white players at Dook that I can't stand (It goes from Gminski to Singler). Although Mike Gminski gets a pass now because I like his TV work.
I am married to a wonderful woman and have two children. A 15-year-old, who is a standout softball player, and a 10-year-old, who played baseball but is looking to get into football.
In addition to writing, I also enjoy golf. I am still not that good at it, but I do see progress.

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