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  • Adam Chenard posted 455 days ago

    Adam Chenard

    hahaha todd is the worst writer on bleacher report because he just bashes teams and praises his fav team lol..he makes bleacher look bad..we been requestiong the editor to fire him from bleacher lol

  • Nola Hog posted 677 days ago

    Nola Hog

    So judging by the total number of "reads" your stories have, its clear you are more proficient at highlighting negativity for certain franchises/programs, whether it be speculative or not. I'm just doing the same level of research here that you do before writing one of your well informed stories.

    I do wonder what is with your anti-Arkansas crusade? Are you trying to ride the coat tails of Greg Doyle? You obviously have something against the Redskins as well. Do you find that its easier to garner this acclaim by trolling for B.R.? Did your boss say, "we'll get more reads if we attack a program experiencing turbulence?"

    Finally, one last point specific to Razorbacks. It's hard to justify that a top 20 caliber coach won't take top 10 pay, which is what we will pay. (See Petrino circa Fall 2011). Which would make U of A a top 20 job, arguably. You further only go on to list only about 10 programs that are indisputably better in the comments. (I agree with that those named programs are better jobs). If you are going to have a proclamation that we are NOT top 20 job, go ahead and name 20 programs definitively better. Its just lazy writing no to, but I'm sure you know that from your Salisbury University education.

    [insert snarky discounting comment here]

  • Atticus Nelson posted 692 days ago

    Atticus Nelson

    Todd, you're kind of an idiot. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but your favorite conference is the ACC? Seriously? I mean, yeah if you like V.Tech and Clemson stomping around on the pitiable and yet so might Maryland Terrapins.

    Stick with the hack writing, like your Arkansas articles, and stop snidely thanking people for bashing you. It leaves a taste worse than Salisbury steak.

  • bob dillion posted 753 days ago

    bob  dillion

    that oakland article was by far the worst article I've read in my life, you should find a different job. There's a reason you could only make it to Salisbury University, hahaha

  • Johnny Rehab posted 1469 days ago

    Johnny Rehab

    Thanks for the edit Todd

  • Bob Warja posted 1469 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Thanks for the edit Todd!

  • Thanks Todd. I will listen to your adivice. LOL. Thanks for the edit.

  • Brad LeClair posted 1474 days ago

    Brad LeClair

    thanks for the edits, I re-wrote my title and tried to include a link to the news story

  • Linus Fernandes posted 1474 days ago

    Linus Fernandes

    Thanks for the edit. Much appreciated.

  • David Jacobs posted 1477 days ago

    David Jacobs

    Thanks for the edit :)