Alexa Jenner

Alexa Jenner


I spent my life watching Chicago sports. As an obsessive fan of the
Blackhawks I stood out not because of my extensive knowledge of the
team but because I am a female. As the youngest of three girls I went
a different direction from my sisters, who were tennis players and
figure skaters, and decided to become the only girl (at that time) in
my hometown to play ice hockey. As the only girl in the league I soon
became "one of the guys". And this dedication to hockey as both a
player and a fan continued to expand as I grew older. After two
shoulder surgeries in high school, I could no longer play the sport
but my passion for it never declined.

After living overseas and then working as a full time reporter in the western suburbs, I
quit my job at the end of the year to follow a story to Africa. Kellie
O'Brien travelled to Tanzania with her daughter to see how they could
help other families in need.When the nuns at a covenant in the area
introduced them to a Maasai Village that was constantly praying for a
school, Kellie's life was completely changed. Over the past two and a
half years Kellie helped build the O'Brien School for the Maasai, the
biggest library in Tanzania, a women's center and a small clinic.

I have spent the last three months traveling back and forth to Africa with Kellie
to experience what she has — and also write about it. There are a number of different story
angles — from the formerly starved children who are now being fed
reguarly and educated to the women who had nothing and are now
learning skills to succeed in the world — that I am currently working
on and getting published.

While my writing has taken me in many directions I am still passionate about
sports and love to write and talk about Chicago teams — especially the Hawks and Bears.

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    Francisco E.  Velazquez

    Did the Bears fill their holes? Can they and will they be exposed?