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  • Scott Gyurina posted 1311 days ago

    Scott Gyurina

    Hey baseball fans,
    Please check out my latest article on the war of words between Texas and the Yankees....
    Thank you, I appreciate it!


  • Jarred Powell posted 1617 days ago

    Jarred Powell

    If you like the Terps, I hope you will like my latest post.


  • Matt Miselis posted 1666 days ago

    Matt Miselis

    Hey Tyler,

    Matt Miselis, Baltimore Ravens Community Leader here. I noticed you are a member of the Ravens community and wanted to give you the update on what is going on.

    As I begin my voyage of making the Ravens community one of the best on B/R, I encourage you to continue write about the Ravens, as you do seem to talk what you are talking about.

    The more interest from a solid group of members in the Ravens community, the quicker this community will become one of the best on B/R..

    Anyway, I thank you for your time and hope to see you continue writing for the Ravens in the future!


    Baltimore Ravens CL

  • Matt Miselis posted 1691 days ago

    Matt Miselis

    Hey Tyler,

    I continued my two part slideshow regarding the sleepers to watch in Saturdays showdown between the Ravens and the Colts. Part 2 is the five sleepers to watch for on the Colts side. Appreciate any feedback given!


  • Tony Santorsa posted 1693 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    Hey, check out my new article regarding the Patriots' dynasty!



  • Henry Ball posted 1712 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Pick the winners, win the loot!


    Take the challenge, it'll be fun!

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 1732 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Packer - Ravens on Monday Night. Get the inside scoop from my interview with Ravens writer John Eisenberg.


  • Alex Johnson posted 1737 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Will both of the NFL's last standing undefeated teams go down this week?

    Find out that and more right here:


  • Bleacher Report posted 1742 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    At 5-5, the Ravens must win at least five of the next six to make the playoffs. You could pinpoint a few reasons for the team's disappointments - the defenses sluggish start, questionable playcalling, etc. But why has the team struggled? Here's why. Please read/comment.