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When you live as close as I do to Boston, you have to be a Red Sox fan. And so I was. I never really followed the games (we didn't have cable TV till I was 17 years old) but I knew all the basics: It's always "next year." The Yankees suck. We hate the Yankees. Scream loud and long, and always support your team.
I remember watching Game Four of the '04 World Series on a big screen TV at a local movie theater. That changed my entire outlook on the Sox, and I began to follow them. It wasn't until I went to Fenway Park in August of '07 that the obsession started. Then it just exploded, and no one could stop it.
Ever since then, I've been doing some blogging about the Sox, and my love of writing has finally mingled into a full-fledged mania with writing articles about the Sox, focusing on their young and upcoming players who will undoubtably form the backbone of the team for years to come.

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