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  • Sports Lover posted 1747 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Hey Miz

  • brianna coria posted 1749 days ago

    brianna coria

    Miz you are awesome

  • Y2J is the best posted 1983 days ago

    Y2J is the best

    Miz = Jericho wannabe.

  • The Miz posted 1998 days ago

    The Miz

    @The Miz down below
    Once again you prove my point. You are not the true Miz! I do not resort to childish playground name calling such as declaring others "losers."

  • Undead Warrior posted 1999 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    haha funny fight down below

  • Pennywise posted 1999 days ago


    Way to try and fix your mistake by copy and pasting loser

  • Pennywise posted 2000 days ago


    you are one real sad little boy who's crying on the inside for his mother while on the outside trying to masquerade around as The Most Must See Intercontinental Champion in history! get lost kid this is a grown man's game and your going to get run over. oh by the way you posted on your own bulletin board you idiot!

  • Pennywise posted 2000 days ago


    Listen her you wannabe quit parading around here like your the Most Must See Intercontinental Champion in history now crawl under a rock and die you parasite

  • The Viper posted 2011 days ago

    The Viper

    oh yeah, big-mouthed one-hit wonder still alive?

  • The Miz posted 2012 days ago

    The Miz

    You idiot, does Vince not even trust you enough to tell you that I will win the RAW MITB?