Uptown Murf

Uptown Murf


Atlanta renaissance man and entertainer, Uptown Murf, brings his talents to the world of Sports Writing. A quick Google search of “Uptown Murf” will reveal everything from Fitness Videos to Music Videos. A passionate personal trainer/nutrition coach – “Uptown” stays close to his athletic days by continuing to look like the fittest of athletes physically, and immersing himself into his favorite game which happens to be football. Being a football writer helps blend two of his most beloved passions – one of which being writing. Uptown can be seen writing anything from Rap and R&B songs, as well as fitness plans/nutrition plans for clients. His sports writing are quickly becoming something of note among the sports internet community. So whether it’s fitness modeling or acting , you will undoubtedly be entertained by Uptown Murf.

Murf can be reached at uptownmurf@nflsfuture.com or on Twitter @UptownMurf

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