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I was born and raised on the North Side of Chicago 15 minutes away from Wrigley Field. I lived there until my parents and I moved to WV when I was 17. I'm a huge sports fan but baseball is my first love and it always will be. I played baseball and softball from the age of four on. I'm also a Bears, Duke college basketball, University of Illinois college basketball and Nascar fan too. I still live in WV and do miss getting to go to Cubs games and watching them on tv.
I've also battled cancer twice and am amazed I'm still here walking and talking, I don't think of myself as this person who is strong and determined, if anything I'm quiet and just manage to get through each day as it comes. I feel at home the most when I'm on a baseball field, I might not be able to play anymore, but I still love to watch baseball on tv and in person. I was born a Cubs fan and will die a Cubs fan they're my team no matter what.
Growing up my favorite Cub player was Mark Grace and I still enjoy watching him on tv doing commentary on the games of the week. My favorite Cub player now is Ryan Theriot because he's scrappy and has tenacity-something that a lot of ball players are missing now a days. He knows his role on the team and is a player who actually looks like he's enjoying playing the game.

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