Angelo Cerilli

Angelo Cerilli


Here is the breakdown:
1. I try to write as unbiased as possible.
2: I hate writers who obviously favor a team in their article and its obvious, that really gets on my nerves, if you want to favor a team write exclusively about that team's players don't try to write about a game when you obviously are going to favor your team and do not know a thing about the other team.
3: I don't care what those kind of writers think.
4: I hate people who curse, if your going to curse on one of my article I will chew apart that person's next 5 articles or until I make that person cry, just who I am.
5: I hate people who insult others and don't know anything themselves, I try not to insult people but if you attack me in a rude way prepare buddy.
6: If you hate this website stop commeting to it, if you have over 20 posts and you say this website is stupid you no longer are anything but a waste of space.
7: I hate people who comment on just one thing, this is extremely obvious in basketball, find another sport just 1 its not that hard really it isn't, if you like basketball maybe you also like football, or soccer, or even wrestling! FIND SOMETHING GOD!
8: IF you don't like any of the above 7 I also don't care.
9: Any question no? Didn't think so, thats just a list of my character if you can't figure out what kind of person I am after reading this go back to school.

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  • Long gone posted 1203 days ago

    Long gone

    Go Braves!

  • Jonathan Slotter posted 2623 days ago

    Jonathan Slotter

    Rays-Rangers critical series. Here is a preview:

  • J posted 2644 days ago


    I don’t really know why there is this Creature versus Creature, we all know Chyna is the best. But just in case you had any doubt…

    I hope you enjoy reading

  • Roger P posted 2703 days ago

    Roger P

    Hey Angelo,
    I wrote a follow-up to that article comparing Kobe to Scottie Pippen, and I thought you might be interested... this time I'm comparing him to Clyde Drexler. I'd love your thoughts...


  • D.J. Rallo posted 2705 days ago

    D.J.  Rallo


    Today I look back at one of the modern comeback stories that has touched fans of all kinds. This story is about a modern day marvel who had a bright future, only to be setback by abuse of his body. This comeback story of Josh Hamilton himself describes why, nobody is perferct.


  • D.J. Rallo posted 2710 days ago

    D.J.  Rallo

    My best article to date. Check it out

  • Griffin Cooper posted 2712 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey Angelo,

    There was a touching moment in the Mariners game last night, made possible by the best pitcher I've ever gotten to watch - Randy Johnson. Watching history unfold inspired to me take a look at his incredible career and count down his five best moments, in my eyes. If you get a chance, take a look at it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot.